The awful truth of hypocrisy and Tara Reade

Revenge has become the spice in which we flavor the melting pot known as America. On 9/11, revenge proved to be a useful tool in uniting America, even if for only a little while. This potent emotion stuck to the meat of every American, Democrat or Republican.

The trouble with revenge is it becomes a drug to the senses and replaces common sense with hatred.

The need for revenge has now permeated every campaign rally be it subtle or point blank. Be it Democrat or Republican, our neighbor is our enemy, if they believe differently than yourself. It’s not politicians destroying our country, it’s our insatiable need for revenge.

In the latest chapter of the American Revenge Saga, our soup is being seasoned with the “Revenge for Kavanaugh,” spice. Don’t be fooled though, the pot is still just being stirred in with revenge and hatred.

On the outside, the GOP and MAGA has a convenient looking case of double standard in regard to Reade versus Ford. At this point, I realize I am going to lose the faithful Republican, but I implore you to continue to keep reading.

The GOP could have a legitimate argument about hypocrisy and double standards if it weren’t for something called facts and history. Facts and history have become side players in our American Revenge Saga, sadly. So before moving forward, let us remove some obvious obstacles.

Bill Clinton has become, one of, the standard bearer of bad behavior for the right. Let’s compare Bill Clinton to his time. Leading the charge against Bill Clinton was the moral right and the ring leader of that was Newt Gringitch.

While Newt was leading his moral charge against Bill Clinton, Newt was having an affair of his own. Newt came out rather tarnished after the impeachment. Yet, Newt has remained a powerful force in the GOP and has secured many lucrative positions post Speaker.

But Bill lied under oath! That is correct, to which, he was impeached and became disbarred. He’s also been the boogeyman specter until Obama and his wife decided to run. While giving Newt the pass and promoting him, the GOP has sought blood from Clinton.

Why is this important to the story? It sounds like a big ball of whataboutism that has permeated the political scene. This chapter of history is important because it lead to a change in the Democratic party.

John Edwards was a rising star in the Democratic party. He was young, handsome, and seemed to inhabit the gift of speech. In 2008, John Edwards was the “it” kid. That was, until we found out John Edwards had an affair and love child.

John Edwards quickly lost his support and relegated to the ash bin of obscurity. Why? The Democratic party no longer had an appetite for “boys will boys” mentality.

Before Edwards, we had David Vitter from Lousiana who was elected to the Senate in 2004. Vitter had a little problem with accusations of prostitution. That didn’t stop him from winning his seat. Then came the bombshell, Vitter’s number was found in the DC madams books and he came clean.

Vitter would stay in his seat until 2017 when he finally was defeated.

In 2009, Mark Sanford, then Governor of South Carolina, was supposed to be hiking the Appalacian trail. Actually, he went hiking to South America to be with his mistress. Initially Sanford found himself in trouble with the media and his people, however, that trouble translated into becoming a US Senator.

There is one sure fire way to be removed from power as a Republican. Being accused of any sexual allegation involving homosexuality. Ask Larry Craig of Idaho who was arrested for foot tapping in an airport stall in a mens bathroom. Had Larry only been in the women’s bathroom, he would still have his seat.

2011 was not a good year for the Democrats. Anthony Wiener and David Wu were both accused of sexual misconduct. Both men were quickly out of their government positions. There was no effort to save them or give them anything. They were gone.

Dennis Hassert, 2015, found himself on the hotseat for making payments of hush money. Initially, the GOP began to coalesce around Hassert. However, Hassert broke the cardinal rule of sex with another male and these were boys. Dennis went away after that.

Nothing in the past could have prepared us for the 2016 candidacy of one Donald J. Trump, though. We learned that you could “grab them by the pussy,” and have dozens of accusers of sexual harassment and misconduct and it not hurt your political chances at being President. So long as you are GOP.

The re-emergence of the Bill Clinton defense began, and again, ignoring the past GOP behaviors, the GOP crafted a message about revenge against Clinton. “If he could, so can Trump.” From here on out, I will refer to this as the get out jail Clinton card.

Al Franken found himself in the hot seat for being accused of forceably kissing a USO member in 2006 and photos turned up of Al in uncoothe behavior. Al was forced to resign.

In 2017, Joe Barton confessed to sending nude pictures, like Anthony Wiener. He was not forced to resign, although he decided to not run for re-election. While Wiener was forced out, Barton was not.

Now we come to one of the more prominent GOP cases. Ohio Rep Jim Jordan. He has been accused by multiple young men for turning the other way while they were molested and raped. Finally, the GOP broke free of the curse of not terminating someone based on male pedophilia or homosexuality.

Jim continues to find success in the House and recently became a super star as he defended Trump during the impeachment. None of the young men coming forward have been believed by any GOP official sense the beginning.

Brett Kavanaugh, SCOTUS nominee, became the center of a sex scandal which seems to fall along party lines. But the pattern didn’t start with Kavanaugh, it has been built on decades of GOP passes and anger against Democrats. Ask Judge Moore who ran for Senate and his accusers were not only rejected, but had their lives threatened.

Katie Hill, a Rep from CA, in 2019 was being investigated for an ethics violation of having a sexual relationship with a subbordinate. Hill found no support or comfort from the DNC and Katie finally resigned.

Fast forward from Katie Hill to the present we now have Tara Reade accusing Joe Biden of sexual abuse. Reade’s story has changed multiple times in the past few months. Her witnesses stories have changed. Reade was a ferverent Bernie Sander’s supporter who waited until Bernie dropped out to really come forward.

The now infamous tweet talking about timing and to “wait for it,” is now w part of the American lexicon. Reade is also believes Russia is the best country and love Putin, “With or without a shirt on.” Her defense is being paid for by Trump campaign folks and a Russian. None of that seems important. What’s important?

Brett Kavanaugh.

The GOP believes that Brett Kavanaugh was treated unfairly by the DNC and the Main Stream Media. They want to cry hypocrisy and unfairness and demanding Biden be held to the same standard. Disregard the proof Reade has said she’s had, but keeps being elusive to find.

The DC police suspended the investigation due to their being no solid proof and her witnesses keep changing their story as Reade changes her.

None of that matters because the GOP has decided to paint the DNC as hypocritical. There is just one problem: Bill Clinton.

Since the Bill Clinton scandal from over twenty years ago, the DNC has a track record of getting rid of people, and quickly. That puts a big wrinkle into the argument of hypocrisy for the GOP. The DNC has a twenty year history of removing men and women from power.

The history is there to view and and comprehend. It’s undeniable that the Democrats, both in power and the voter, has removed those accused of sexual misconduct, harassment, and aggression. What we don’t have is a track record from the GOP holding their own to the same standard. We have the opposite.

We have a history of the GOP not getting rid of their own and silencing women coming forward. The MSM media pursued Ford, yet, she would not sit down for interviews. She didn’t pursue the MSM back. The MSM has not had the fervor to go after Trump’s own accusers.

What does it come down to then?


It stands to reason when the GOP will not hold their own accountable they do not like having the DNC questioning their own. So fabricate a hypocrisy scandal focusing on Kavanaugh.

There is only one antidote for revenge and that is truth. Sadly, our country, both Democrats and Republicans, don’t have a desire or a taste for the antedote. They’re too addicted to the sour taste of revenge and the rush it gives them.

It’s no wonder we’re divided and falling apart. We’d rather hate our neighbor than love them.


Author of New America: Awakenings now avialble at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Googleplay, Kobo

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