Slavery Class in the New Millennia

The leak of the SCOTUS opinion concerning Roe V Wade, leaked by Politico, shocked and angered Americans. The opinion also delighted many claiming a hard fought “moral” victory. America polling on abortion shows strong support for abortion at 80% in May 2021, according to Pew Research. Keep in mind that when discussing abortion, the conversation is not a black and white conversation. The conversation about abortion is filled with nuance. We turn to our courts to navigate that nuance to come to just, reasonable conclusions. Justices, literally, are all about words and the meaning of words. SCOTUS justices are wordsmiths, taking the painstaking care of their words because their words carry so much weight.

In the leaked opinion, Justice Barrett contributed to the opinion to overturn Roe stating that America didn’t need abortion because the USA needed a “domestic supply of infants.” Take a moment to reread that last part: “domestic supply of infants.” Margret Attwood wrote in Handmaid’s Tale about supplying the country with infants through the use of the handmaiden to become pregnant, supplying families with children. Barrett argues women have a moral obligation to carry a pregnancy to term to supply children, against their will.

Multiple states are including or attempting to include ectopic pregnancies in their far-reaching abortion bans. Ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube, not the uterus. Ectopic pregnancies cannot be saved, or transplanted, to a uterus. The result of ectopic pregnancy is death for a woman who does not have an abortion. Rape victims, by law, would mandate a woman to carry her rapist’s child or face criminal prosecution. Louisiana is forwarding a bill classifying any woman having an abortion is equivalent to murder.

Not only does the leaked opinion signal the extremist views of SCOTUS Justices, lying in their confirmation hearings on abortion, also included language concerning gay marriage, sodomy laws, and interracial marriage, stating that states should legislate love and sexual behavior. Alito showed his hand by stating in the opinion, “Until then, Obergefell will continue to have ruinous consequences for religious liberty.” We now get to the heart of the 5 Catholic conservative Justices.

Spoiler Alert Ahead:

It’s never been about protecting life. It’s never been about cakes. It’s never been about CRT. It’s never been about actual freedom.

Christians are the most protected class of people in the United States of America, enjoying laws that protect them from being denied medicine, jobs, housing, social status, access to services, or any other American rights. However, Religious Freedom Laws give Christians the ability to deny any group of people they deem unworthy the aforementioned rights. Christian extremists have the legal right to refuse in states: medical care, housing, words, books, thoughts, and even parental autonomy rights, such as the law in Idaho of taking a transgender minor out of the state to seek gender affirming care. In Idaho, the law states doing so is a felony.

The opinion puts forward women must provide others with children, LGBT rights should be on the ballot or decided by a state government even making them illegal, and even interracial marriage while protecting their ability to be refused anything. There is a word that defines ones group mandate to a persons body, mind, and interfere with their ability to participate in America. Conservatives are creating a slave class in America.

What an absurd claim, right? Hear me out.

Not simply on abortion, but the SCOTUS suggests government has the right to interfere with bodily autonomy, including sodomy. The SCOTUS suggests citizens should vote on who can and cannot be married, including LGBT and interracial couples. The SCOTUS suggests government can create laws that protect one segment of the population with a denial of nothing, while forcing other groups they don’t deem worthy to serve them legally or face the consequences. Conservatives are not standing up to these lawmakers and judges, while privately saying, “Well I don’t agree with this part of this part,” while voting for the party that houses the extremists. Justification of continued voting for the GOP is no longer a passive acceptance. Conservative voters empower extremists through their silence and continued voting for the GOP.

Make no mistake, when laws are passed that control a person’s body, participation in a free society, and outlawing entire groups of people who must serve them unconditionally is slavery. These conservative extremists control words, thoughts, books, and people’s lives, all while controlling who can vote, making the voting process more difficult. Any ambiguity of allegiance to freedom is no longer gray. Freedom is black and white as we face down a new wave of slave class in America.

Be prepared for the conservative argument that, “They didn’t mean that. They meant this (add words here).” SCOTUS Justices are wordsmiths, knowing their opinions will be recorded for as long as the United States stays alive. They know what they’re saying and writing. They said what they said. Don’t let them change the narrative.

Tyler Davis



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Tyler Davis

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