January Lie, 2021

by Tyler Davis

January 6, 2021, should be a yawn day in Congress. It’s the day that Congress is to certify the November 3, 2020, Electoral College results. As with everything Trump, what should be a matter of tradition and etiquette will be shot to hell. Twelve Senators and one hundred House members plan to object to the Electoral College certification.

Ted Cruz will lead a faction to ask for a ten-day investigation into election fraud. Freshman Senator Josh Hawley will be leading another group of flat decenters not looking for analysis. One interesting point is that Tennessee is the only state with both Senators planning to protest.

For two straight months, the Trump campaign and various GOP groups have bombarded the legal system with over sixty court cases alleging irregularities. Still, they could not file suits for actual fraud because there was no proof.

But certainly, there must have been; you must be asking yourself? Kayleigh McEnany was on Fox News waiving hundreds of pieces of paper alleging proof of fraud. Rudy Giuliani told us so from the illustrious Four Seasons (landscaping) parking lot. Mellissa Carone told us she worked for Dominion and she saw the discrepancies herself. We saw the suitcase in Georgia being pulled from under the table after people were told to go home. Sidney Powell unleashed the Kraken! Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax all told us about the evils of Dominion election machines.

The evidence has been on a slow leak for two months straight. Surely, there is some evidence to be found? From the top of the Trump campaign to now removed from Trump counsel, Sidney Powell, to superstar Rudy down to Miss Carone, everything presented has been debunked. Fox News, Oan, News max, and one Miss Carone were given a legal right hook for slandering their company. Retractions and silence ensued. However, like any cockroaches killing spree, the next lie shows up right after debunking one unless you get the nest.

The lies did not originate from one place in our country but bounced all over. Allegations from Nevada and Arizona were ping-ponged across the country with Michigan and Wisconsin. Pennsylvania and Georgia would not be left out as new conspiracy theories developed daily. Journalists and court watchers played whack a mole daily, trying to stop the spread of disinformation.

In Georgia, their Senate’s dual seats are up for grabs on January 5, 2021. Not content to be left out of the circus, carnival clown Lin Woods gave us such revelations like Chief Justice John Roberts was a part of the pedophile cabal drinking baby’s blood. Lin Wood joining forces with the Kraken handler, Sidney Powell, has been telling the faithful not to vote on January 5 because “They’ve not earned your vote.”

As the infomercials always say, “But we’re not done yet!” The carnival barker himself, Donald Trump, went to Georgia for a “Victory Rally,” a day after an hour-long release of Trump threatening secretary of state Raffensperger with criminal charges. Then Trump told Raffensperger to find the votes to deliver a win to Trump. In the call, barker Trump ran through the litany of debunked theories as if they were fact. Raffesnsperger had to tell Trump he was wrong.

The running theories maintain that the DNC worked with subsections of the GOP, infiltrating the secretaries of states and governors of both parties, a deep state judiciary (even though Trump appointed some of them), DOJ, Dominion software, and a few foreign governments to deny Trump a victory. Pulling this con off would be more significant than anything Danny Ocean could ever muster! Yet, this is the claim, even though, competent enough to get Biden elected, neglected to secure the Senate and potentially leave McConnell in charge of roadblocking any Democrat business.

For two months, Trump and the GOP have spoon-fed the faithful these lies. As one allegation was proven false, another popped up. The prescription was more spoon-feeding; journalists played more whack a mole, and more spoon-feeding. The more wild the allegation, the more the faithful ate it up.

Although not coordinated, on January 6, the GOP will allege that millions of people have no faith in the elections and therefore should be investigated or the Electoral College votes, in certain states only, be rejected. In “good faith,” the argument will be made that the country needs this to move forward. The “good faith” argument is the January Lie, 2021.

The GOP did not come to the legal system in good faith as they were shut down repeatedly. They did not go on the airwaves in good faith, as one company threatened to shut them all down, and the retractions rolled in. The Trump team did not come to their followers in “good faith,” as we know, the affidavits were useless, Project Veritas was not true, and mystery suitcases were not so mysterious after all. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and the GOP machine set fire to American democracy and now marvel at how their own can’t believe the house is on fire.

Tyler Davis is the author of the Best of Books 2020 book, New America: Awakenings.


@rdavisj1 Twitter



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Tyler Davis

Author of New America: Awakenings now avialble at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Googleplay, Kobo