GOP Asterisk: Freedom of Speech

Censorship and freedom of speech are buzzwords that ring out from conservatives like an abused bell being beaten from a bell tower placed high above the common ground of the average citizen. Conservatives have taken up the mantle of protecting free speech, and while the ideal of accomplishing this goal appears moral and correct, one problem hinders their goals. Conservatives are hypocrites and liars.

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Calling conservatives hypocrites and liars is a bold statement but let me use my freedom of speech to justify my conclusion. Conservatives are no more protectors of freedom of speech than Voldemort is the protector of magic for all. Proclaiming this will require receipts of purchase to back up such a claim. Although tax season is over, in an audit of proof, I come waiving receipts to justify the deductions in moral character of the conservative movement.

While arranging the receipts to pass this audit, too many receipts presented themselves. Not unlike Ms. Mojo’s top 10, honorable mentions that didn’t make the list include Colin Kaepernick, the annual “war on Christmas,” and the “don’t say gay” bill where conservatives conveniently forget free speech is applicable. Due to the often-moving goal posts, the most recent receipt of suppression of free speech through censorship will be presented.

While crawling through the ashes, crying and rending their clothing about the horrors of losing their freedom of speech, conservatives have passed very exciting bills that outlaw CRT in multiple states in public schools. Conservatives always leave out the important part of this message; CRT is a collegiate level class only applied to law students. Enter the asterisk. Instead of having discussions about race and the origins of our country, Conservatives have decided to ban books and censoring words and discussion of the topic. Helpful hint, when Conservatives are cornered, they will have an asterisk on why their censorship is acceptable.

Ron DeSantis’s government recently banned math books for utilizing CRT. Upon inspection of such heinous crimes in said textbooks, no CRT was taught. The concepts in the math books that were so egregious? Inclusivity. Ideas that include all people is so terrifying, rejection of the books was wholesale, although they could only find 4 examples to share with the press. DeSantis’s government states these books go against their BEST (Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking). While claiming to want to stop indoctrination, Florida literally is creating standards to what students should be thinking. Again, look for the asterisk.

Not to be confined to such a small space as CRT, Florida is banning books in libraries that they find offensive. Bringing this clear abuse of freedom of speech, conservatives will gladly bring up examples such as Huck Finn being banned. One difference is always left out of the discussion though. School boards made those decisions. No law was enacted to “protect children.” Individual school boards made decisions to remove literature. Not only is threatening legal action against librarians happening in Florida, but Wyoming has contemplated using laws to do the same thing.

Elon Musk is being raised up as the savior of free speech in the market of social media while screaming about having been censored. There is one simple problem to their argument. Users of Twitter agreed to the TOS to use the free app. Complaining about a free service with a TOS is akin to being given a free phone and complaining you can’t call international on it. Conservatives love to trot out Hobby Lobby as an example where government should stay out, but Twitter should not have a TOS. Again, look for the asterisk.

The grandest receipt comes from conservatives themselves: “You know I don’t agree with this, right?” I personally have heard this from conservatives in my life. Yet, there is no movement among conservatives to hold their own party responsible. Even greater yet, they will continue to vote for them, even if while holding their noses. The actual loss of freedom and silencing entire groups of people is still not enough to cause them to bring consequence to their party.

Conservatives are not interested in free speech, only speech that allows them to say what they want, when they want, how they want, and punish anyone who dares to not agree, while making laws that protect them and punish dissenters. Always look for the conservative asterisk for their freedom of speech approval.

Tyler Davis



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Tyler Davis

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