Dear David Hogg (& Progressives)

Have you ever watched a gymnast who had a wonderful routine but didn’t stick the landing, resulting in their missing the podium? Right now, that’s you. You have been given a megaphone to enhance and share ideas and influence people and you use it. The trouble is, you’re telling falsehoods and instead of learning, you’ve decided to keep amplifying a message that divides and discourages.

Right now, Democrats technically have a 50/50 Senate. Democrats know that Sinema (R) and Manchin (I) are blockades to passing the laws we need to effect change. But, because they are registered democrat, it keeps the greasy paws of McConnell from stopping all progress and wins like the BIF and gun reforms. Biden is part of the Executive Branch, not the legislative branch and the Trump SCOTUS would swat down any EOs he sends out, rendering them ineffective.

Legally, the only thing that can be done to secure our future is registering voters and promoting Democrats at the state level. Doing this work is not sexy and it’s not exciting, however, it’s what needs to be done. Every time I hear you disparage Biden or the Democrats, you’re working for the GOP, and we rarely hear you calling them out.

America witnesses you on Twitter demanding Democrats do something, anything, to limit the SCOTUS. That boat sailed in 2016. Ensuring our civil liberties in 2016 was the time to stop the SCOTUS but a group of Bernie Sanders leadership decided they would teach the Democrat Party a lesson by Steining the vote in MI/WI/PA, which handed the presidency to Trump.

We are stuck with the SCOTUS we have and the only way to ensure our human rights are protected is to put more Democrats in the senate. The only way to do that is to register voters and get them to the polls on a midterm election year.

Do you know who votes, every election, almost to the point of religiosity? Republicans. Democrat voters are apathetic voters and are not as reliable as Republican voters. Part of that reason is defeatist and angry people, such as yourself, making unrealistic and unhinged demands that leads to voter suppression.

Instead of promoting angry do something energy for ideas that aren’t legal or achievable, might I suggest a retool of your energy into attacking the real opposition, the GOP. It’s a radical idea of embracing pragmatic, unsexy hard work of registering and turning out voters in November. Our democracy is at stake.

Executive orders, screaming about expanding the courts, and yelling at Democrats to do “something,” gets a lot of clicks and face time, but it’s not effective. The GOP voted for decades to put people in power to make the changes we see today. They did that through consolidation and continued voter turnout. We have one chance to stop the GOP in November and that is through unity, registering voters, and getting them to the polls.

Can we count on you to help with that instead of voter suppression activities? Celebrate the wins, gather around the losses, and support the administration and our active leaders moving forward through registration, unification, and getting out the vote. Expanding a Democrat majority is the only way to codify Roe, save LGBT marriage, and get the voter laws we need.

Our only true stronghold of Democrat voters are Black Women. Perhaps Stacy Abrams said it best, “voting is not magic, we don’t get everything we want when we win elections. It is medicine and we’ve got to keep taking it. “



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Tyler Davis

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